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Schwartz Brothers Bakery is locally owned and operated, innovative bakery with strong community involvement, committed to providing our customers with consistent high-quality bakery products and responsive customer service.

Our team is passionate about our high standards and our commitment to act customer first and exceed customer expectations, resulting in increasing customer loyalty. This commitment includes the safety of our products for human consumption.

A strategy for food safety, called the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Program, has been implemented at the Bakery, to prevent product contamination. The HACCP Program implements, monitors and verifies that all harmful contaminants, including bacteria, chemicals and foreign objects, are excluded from our finished goods.
Our entire staff is to be aware of the importance of the HACCP Program to ensure that our products are safe for our customers.

Using the HACCP Program in our daily operations will prevent contamination by:
1. Identifying potential food hazards that could result in product contamination, and their sources.
2. Implementing and monitoring of measuring tools for the identified potential food hazard, including courses for corrective action.
3.Training of Management staff and Team Members on managing the identified control points and
4.Documenting, reviewing and verifying that systems are working

In this way, Schwartz Brothers Bakery can ensure that the customer is receiving the safest possible baked goods.

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